10 Birthday Cake Decorating Ideas


It can be difficult to come up with creative and simple ideas to decorate birthday cakes. You don’t want to make boring cakes for special events, and you want to be able to impress your friends and family with your decorating skills. What can you do? Don’t fear- just read on to find new and innovative ideas, which can be made by all levels of cooks and will look amazing.

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5 Not Boring Summer Salads


In the warm days of summer, you don’t want heavy dishes weighing you down (or heating up the kitchen!) A popular choice, salads are the perfect meal – if they’re not boring. These five ideas are refreshing, fun, and creative. Any of these salads would make the perfect choice for an excellent al fresco picnic meal or party contribution.

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4 Creative Ways to Cook with Apples Besides Pies


Apples are good for more than just keeping the doctor away, as the old adage goes. You can actually do a lot with apples when you cook. Whether you’re planning on baking, adding apples to a salad, or cooking them into a hearty and healthy meal for your family at dinner time, you can be as creative as you want to be when adding this delectable fruit into the mix.

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7 Rules You Must Know about Wine


Whether you have been drinking wine for many years or are just starting out, adding savory wines to certain meals that you make at home, there are certain rules you should know about. Wine enthusiasts may seem like a snobby bunch, but they’re onto something when they focus on the rules about wine.

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