7 Healthy Desserts to Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth


When you have a sweet tooth, trying to enjoy healthy treats can be difficult. You know you shouldn’t eat sugary desserts, but all of the good-for-you choices don’t taste so good to you! You don’t have to forget about enjoying the periodic sweet treat. Split the difference with these desserts instead, no compromise necessary!

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4 Lighter Lunch Recipes to Eat After Thanksgiving


After a filling Thanksgiving dinner, not to mention the long day of cooking, making lunch the next day can be disconcerting. You don’t want leftovers again, and anything heavy sounds unappetizing. There’s no need to give in, though, just make one of these simple, light lunches and enjoy your holiday weekend!

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5 Recipes for Porridges


Thanks to a familiarity with gruel, porridge sometimes has a bad reputation. Gruel, essentially a porridge that is watered-down and weak, conjures up memories of bland and unappetizing breakfasts in cafeterias. Today’s porridge, however, doesn’t have to be just healthy – unique grains and awesome add-ins make a vibrant and delicious breakfast that you will never get sick of eating.

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